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PTSD Scuba


Our charity prides itself on being front-facing in providing a specific one-to-one experience for all candidates who embark on therapeutic diving with us. PTSD – Progress Through Scuba Diving is built on a core number of volunteers and trustees that support the work of the charity in achieving its objectives.


The purpose of PTSD – Progress Through Scuba Diving is to: Relieve the symptoms of PTSD and alleviate mental health issues in veterans and serving members of the armed forces within the UK.


No other UK charity offers the services we give with our one to one, therapeutic diving courses. Our courses include the provision of therapeutic dives in warm, clear water with fit for purpose equipment and a competent dive instructor. We provide all flights, accommodation, scuba equipment and bespoke diving programme with tuition, as well as our 'buddy support' system.

These dives can be life changing and often lifesaving for PTSD sufferers.

PTSD - Progress Through Scuba Diving - Registered Northern Ireland Charity No NIC108392.

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