Below are some of the most common questions we get asked, if you have a question and don’t see the answer please contact us.

Who are PTSD – Progress Through Scuba Diving?

We are a small charity who provide all flights, accommodation, scuba diving equipment along with a bespoke dive programme and one to one tuition. You can find out more on our About Us Page.

Who is eligible for PTSD – Progress Through Scuba Diving?

Qualifying criteria include the following:

  • You are a UK Veteran or member of H.M Forces
  • You suffer from Combat related PTSD – this does not need to be medically documented for obvious reasons but there will be a short questionnaire to complete for self-diagnosis purposes.

Can I put myself forward for a PTSD – Progress Through Scuba Diving course?

Absolutely, at PTSD – Progress Through Scuba Diving the most common reason we hear for candidates not asking for help is that

There are others who are more deserving than me”.

This feeling of unworthiness is another symptom of PTSD, you are worthy and the only thing you stand to lose by giving it a go, is maybe 10-14 days of your time. If you meet our eligibility criteria above, then please contact us.

Is there a cost involved to attend the PTSD – Progress Through Scuba Diving Course?

PTSD cover the majority of the costs involved; however, you will need to:

  • Complete a trial dive (also known as a bubble dive) with your nearest diving instructor.
  • Organise your own holiday insurance - We provided full cover for medical insurance during our scuba dives, but this does not cover any other medical/health issue you may have outside our dives.
  • We do provide a “get you in pack” which includes everyday basics such as bread, milk, ham & cheese etc (enough to last a few days) and a few preprepared meals, but we cannot provide all meals, therefore you will need to be prepared to cover the cost of your food.

Where does the money raised for PTSD – Progress Through Scuba Diving go?

PTSD – Progress Through Scuba Diving is a 100% voluntary organisation with monies raised covering the cost to fund therapeutic diving trips for our UK Veterans and Serving troops.

What evidence is there to support PTSD - Progress Through Scuba Diving?

Research is ongoing but a study completed by the John Hopkins University has indicated that there are positive benefits to PTSD symptoms after scuba diving in warm, clear waters. Full details can be read here  Scuba Diving Improves Function of Body, Mind in Vets in addition, we have anecdotal evidence that demonstrates our dives are having a positive effect on all those who have taken part, so far.

I would like to donate to PTSD - Progress Through Scuba Diving how can I do that?

The easiest way would be to donate via our JustGiving page any amount, small or large, is welcome and will make a difference.

I would like to raise money for PTSD - Progress Through Scuba Diving how can I do this?

This would be hugely appreciated and if you would like to run a sponsoring event or fundraising activity, please contact us with details.

Can I help by volunteering for PTSD - Progress Through Scuba Diving?

Volunteers are always welcome please contact us for details.

Do you have merchandise for sale?

Yes, we have a small selection of items that can be purchased via our online shop.

PTSD - Progress Through Scuba Diving - Registered Northern Ireland Charity No NIC108392.

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